The  1987  Legal  Separation  Agreement

The Legal Separation Agreement was, drafted, signed and witnessed, and executed by 3 Officers of the Court.

That's legal and is therefore a Legal 1987 Court Document.

Any and all, subsequent legal motion, claim, and/or action, after 1987, are illegal acts that violate Ontario Law.

These illegal acts were conducted by:
- Cobourg Social Services; and by:
- the Cobourg: Superior Court of Justice, Family Court; and by:
- FRO - Family Responsibility Office; and by:
- the Judge of the Cobourg: Superior Court of Justice, Family Court; and by:
- the Judge of the Kenora: Superior Court of Justice, Family Court; and by:
- and by numerous additional Officers of the Court: which are known as; Lawyers.

This false and fabricated debt, based solely on a 1988 Court Order, was recently paid in full, after BULLYING from FRO, in a letter mail, which basically stated: PAY or be IMPRISONED.

I will bring this illegal law, and illegal practices, before the Supreme Court of Canada; before they destroy, millions of future lives, and the generations thereof: should the law not be changed.

* * * * * is fighting for YOU.

Here's one example of how we fight for you.
You abide by the letter of the law.
You are a law biding citizen.
You had 3 separate lawyers handling your legal affairs who are law biding lawyers: "Officers of the Court".
Yet: you are threatened to PAY a debt you legally do not owe: or be IMPRISONED.  And the Court knows these legal facts, and ignores the facts !!!

This is real.  It happened.  It is Proudly Canadian.  And it can happen to you or your family.

Your donation helps us to help YOU, by striving to change this law, that already destroyed the lives of millions, and will destroy the lives of millions of others.

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ALMA – All Lives Matter Always


What's it about?


It is about you.

It not about basketball, baseball, or even hockey.

It is about you.

It’s greater than: Nelson Mandela, Joe Biden, and Trudeau.

It is about Y O U, number 1, about you.



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The  Separation  Agreement  -  1987

Here is the issue in simplest form:

IF: your ex-spouse (including common-law),
applies for Social Services Benefits:
any and all, Prenuptial Agreement, Divorce Agreement, Separation Agreement, and/or, Sworn Affidavits, are:
Null & Void in a court of law.

Therefore: here are your choices dictated to you by the law violating court:

A - PAY to BUY Canadian FREEDOM, or be JAILED.
B - PAY to BUY Canadian FREEDOM, and respect the CONFIDENTIALLY  ORDER.
C - Stand up for the law means violation of "B", and be jailed.

You: Social Services, violated Ontario Law.
The Superior Court of Justice, Family Court, upheld Social Services violation of Ontario Law.
FRO: enforced the Court Order that upheld the violation of Ontario Law by: Social Services.
For those whom do not know: All above mentioned parties are under one umbrella, known as:
The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - FRO = Family Responsibilty Office.

For Legal President Details - Click Here
The uploading of all Legal documentation, email correspondences, and supporting literature will commence upon the closing of this court case: June 9th 2022.

Any and all: Legally signed and executed Divorce Agreement and/or Legally signed and executed Separation Agreement, in Ontario, are automatically; Null & Void, if one of the parties named, in said Legal Signed Agreement, applies for and receives, Social Services funding.

That is Ontario Law, and it is illegal, but upheld by politicians, by the Courts, and by those previously named parties, Violating the Canadian Charter of Rights, and using bullying tactics, such as pay, or else.

I need your assistance and your funding, to assist me, in changing this law, as Social Services, the Government of Ontario, and the enforcement agency called: FRO - Family Responsibility Office, have destroyed literally millions of Ontario families and, the lives of many individuals.

Together: we can ban this political irresponsibility.

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The Wartime ENEMY inflicted the crimes of the holocaust.  Our Government Policy, and Law, liberally inflict the crimes on its people.


Please help create better lives for all Canadians.


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T H I S    IS    A N    E M E R G E N C Y


We all have seen and are aware of the enormous number of massive atrocities.


They represent lives.  Human lives.


The many: War Crimes, now highly visible and known worldwide.


The Tortures,

The Murders,

The Mutilations,

The Physiological Sufferings,

The Great Loss of property,

The Great Loss of Families,
The Great Loss of Loved Ones,



S O   M U C H    M O R E !!!


To Survive:

Some were forced to scavenge for FOOD.

Some were forced into homelessness.

Some were forced into prostitution.

Some who turned to alcohol.

Some who turned to drugs.


It affects everyone of all ages.

Every race.

Every colour.




To many thousands; could not endure what was forced upon them.


SUICIDES continued at an alarming rate.


My apology to those who thought that I was talking about WAR CRIMES.


I am talking about the Government of Canada’s injustices of TODAY, 2021.


ALL  OF  THE  ABOVE  HAPPEN  TO  NUMEROUS  CANADIANS  EVERY  DAY at the Hand of our Governments and our Courts.


Because of injustice today in Canada; I need your support.


My intent is to: Force into Law: The David Bobiash Statute.


SUMMARY - and:  (return from Summary)


TIMELINE of:  336 DAYS, and: Welfare Canada, (now: Social Services), not finding $26,000.00, in an area bank.  (at that time our home was assessed at: $43,000.00), so it was a lot of money for someone on benefits.


Here's a link to my analogy of Canadian Law and its legal response today.


Here is: The David Bobiash Statute.


 * * * * *


I will demand the, IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION of this, NEW FEDERAL NATIONAL LAW for all courts, within the physical borders of Canada.   N O     E X C E P T I O N S !

The David Bobiash Statute – (New Law).


The David Bobiash Statute: will state that:

- NEVER, can a Judge, or any Court of Justice, ever issue any Financial Order, against a person, that is not physically in the court.


And furthermore:

- N E V E R, can any court, order the surrender, of a defendants Driver License: often referred to as, Driver’s License.


And furthermore:

-  That a judge, MUST ASK, the defendant, if their lawyer has represented then fairly and correctly.


And furthermore:

- Does the defendant, have any additional information to offer the court, on their own behalf.


And furthermore:

- Never could a Judge or Court, restrict the, defendant’s support team, nor the numbers thereof: be it family members, friends, or anyone whom the defendant uses for both mental, and emotional support.


That in summary is: The David Bobiash Statute.


- Proper adequate Child Care, the emergency care of both the defendant and the child, and as well, Incomes in most cases cannot be earned, without a valid driver license.


DEF: Statute (Wikipedia Referenced)

A STATUTE is a formal written enactment of a legislative authority that governs the legal entities of a city, state, or country by way of consent. Typically, statutes command or prohibit something, or declare policy.


Thereby: NEVER, could a financial decision be rendered, in any Court, or by any Judge, that affects a person's life, mentally, physically, financially, etc, SHOULD: that individual not be physically present.


“The Bobiash Statute" is black and white; and never, shall it be questioned, nor not followed, without stiff penalties, for those whom may deliberately, not abide by the LAW.




A brief of the Legal Details:

A Legal and Binding Separation Agreement was signed and witnessed by a lawyer, approximate date: Between Father's Day 1987 - September 9th 1987.

Thus: a Legal and Binding Agreement exist.

Terms of Separation Agreement:

She received all assets and all equity, in lieu of, "Any and all forms of support, be it child and/or spousal support.



At the date of the: Property Transfer, into my name only; my spouse received via, banks and lawyers, 100 percent of the total equity.

Thereby: completing the, Financial Terms contained, within The Separation Agreement.


By Ontario Law, and by the terms contained in our Legal and Binding Separation Agreement, any and all financial obligations have legally concluded.


On August 10th 1988, a court order, for support payments, was issued.


According to Ontario Law; that Court Order, is INVALID, because the, Signing of the Separation Agreement, supersedes the date of: The Superior Court of Justice, Family Court - Court Order: FC-8900000107-E000.


I was shocked to learn only a couple of days ago; that the Support Order, was to support my ex-wife.  NOT  LEGAL!


The; Summons to Appear, before the alleged Court of Justice; on October 15th 2021, is ignoring Ontario Law, and is BULLYING me, but appears to have compassion.


The Court's compassion is this:

That I  PAY  over $30,000.00, which I am certain will include, forcing me to sign something, indicating that, I was responsible for breaking Ontario Law.


That I spend up to 180 days in jail or prison; until I agree to PAY, for the Superior Court of Justice, Family Court's, original breaking of the law.


Summary  START


- I was not subpoenaed to appear in court, for the original hearing.  All the documentation was available to myself, for the courts at that time.

- I have never seen the original transcripts that brought about this order, and from whom, even though I have asked the court.

- There were 7 different lawyers and law firms between the date of this illegal order and today, that were all paid thousands of dollars, and not one, presented either proof of: Our Separation Agreement, nor, the SIgned, Witnessed, and Sworn Affidavit, by my ex-wife, clearly stating that: She had received her legal entitlements of support, as per our Separation Agreement, and was coerced by: Welfare Canada, into checking a check box, enabling Welfare, to demand support payments, on her behalf; or Welfare would not provide her with, a welfare cheque.

- The Kenora Ontario Lawyer, charged me over $5,600.00, and NEVER presented, the Sworn Affidavit.  -  The name showing online for the offices, at that location shows as:  Thomas J. Carten: of Carten Law Firm.  That lawyer is guilty of breaking Ontario Law.  My uneducated legal opinion is: False and/or intentional misrepresentation; Fraud, Malicious intent, and I am certain there are more laws that were intentionally broken.  Like threatening your client in a Court of Law.


What my lawyer did, just hit me in legal terms: and show the true nature of, and the essence of the LAW, here is the legal terms of what my lawyer, and the residing Judge, collectively did with malice to me.


In advance of: the day in the Kenora Court; The Judge had full knowledge of: and did partake in his role, of: excusing my lawyer from the bench; knowing that my lawyer, would lead me to a private area, within the court, but outside of the courtroom, where my lawyer, would BULLY me, and shockingly assaulted me, and threaten me, with life in prison, if I spoke a single word, in my own defense.


I do hereby swear, that my description, of the events of that day, are the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, Sworn before God.

My case was before, The Kenora Court, for: The Cobourg, Superior Court of Justice, Family Court - Court Order: FC-8900000107-E000


No charges were laid, not against the Judge, nor against my Lawyer: due to the magnitude of the legal threats, and lifetime imprissonment, made against me that day.


Summary  END - Click to Return


- However: that Sworn Affidavit was in Court.  That Sworn Affidavit; was referred to by the judge as: Pre-Paid Support.  So it exists, and either; The Separation Agreement; or The Sworn Affidavit, was in the Judges very hand.  Did the judge order that court stenographer to have it stricken from the record?  Did the judge have the stenographer alter the court records later that day?  I don't know because those court transcripts I have never seen either.

- WHY  is the court ruling, not mentioned in my court file?

- No record or records of either of these two Court Trials, are included in the Court documents, the Court sent me.


Oh Canada ???   You failed your people~!


I was a College Valedictorian, and am well studied, and I invented the Automotive Safety Sensor Technology (details and verification on my Facebook Wall, and lots of other things.  I supported a homeless man for an entire year and turned his life around at my own financial cost.  In 1993, I gave all my money away at a shelter to help the homeless.  The television network, the newspaper, and the radio all were there.  It made national news because apparently it was Valentines Day 1993.  And so much more.  Here's another one of my humane efforts from over my lifetime:


All that does not matter.  Soon I will be in jail, and when released will become;  JUST  ANOTHER  USELESS  HOMELESS  PERSON  THAT'S  GOOD  FOR  NOTHING, according to many politicians, during behind closed door conversations.


Homeless people make politicians look bad.


I can not find a lawyer, that is willing to represent me in court:

UNLESS: I am willing to pay the lawyer FIRST; and agree to pay the alleged arrears in full, or make arrangements to pay the entire amount off.






I need the help of a caring politician.  So far none have approached me.

I need the help of an Honest Judge.  None have approached me and offered.

I need bloggers who can blast this across social media.

I need those knowledgeable of having this appear in the press.  (not just sending it to them; and having the press forward it to the Courts)

I need donations; to help fund changing Family Law, so that it represents and executes, its justice responsibly, and by Ontario Law and/or Federal Law.

I need a break from 33 years of utter torture and hell.  But those 33 years of my life the Court itself destroyed and nothing can get them back.  Ever!

I need people to send petitions.

I need people to contact other groups, other cultures, the Black Lives Matter Organization, The Aboriginal: Every Life Matters Organization, etc, etc, etc.

I need lots of help from those few Canadians that still care about others.

I need lots of help from volunteers, that know how to get this done.

I need leaders, that will champion all of this even if I am in jail or prison or have passed on.

That's a good start so far.

Churches give prayers, and ask for money.

So I am alone here with only you.  The reader.


Thanks for giving me your consideration and reading this.


God bless us all.




Please send your FRO  Horror  Experiences to me so that others may learn the truth about Superior Justice.  Email:


In the meantime: here is something worth knowing.


My analogy of Canadian Law and its legal response today.


When speaking with the representative of the Court: I had clearly explained my case.  The next thing I heard was: the Court asking me, if I could pay this?



The Court, ignoring my statement of facts, and asking me if I could pay more, is the equivalent to: the Court ignoring, that a woman, a victim, has already been raped: and asking the victim if; the victim will agree, to be raped again; by a Court Order.


The Court, ignoring that a woman, a victim, was raped; and suggesting that, if a rape victim carries condoms, on her person: that she is responsible, and encouraging, being raped yet again: by a Court Order.



The Court asking that is: the equivalent to, the Court suggesting that, because children, including aboriginal children, are known to misbehave, that the child's behavior, justifies the murder's behavior, and therefore: invited death upon themselves: because of a Court Order.



The Court asking that is: the equivalent to, the Court suggesting that, because a mugging victim, had refused, to give the assailant money, when first instructed, by the assailant, that it justified, the vicious, brutal attack, which resulted in permanent physical immobility, or  the victim's nearly be killed.


Never: has the Court, heard, nor implied that the Court, cared about Justice.  The Court's only interest, is seeing that: I pay the Court Order, for support for, my ex-wife: even though, the legal and binding terms, contained in, our mutually agreed upon, Separation Agreement of 1987, had concluded in full, the financial agreement, contained therein: The Court chooses, to ignore Ontario Law, and uphold the Court Order, from a date after, the execution of: The Separation Agreement.


This is a crime.  The crime was that, Welfare Canada, and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, failed.

They did not; uphold the law.

They did not uphold the essence of the law on the date of the initial Court Order.

The did not uphold the law, on the second Court Hearing, in Kenora, Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

And to this date: I have never seen, any legal documentation; other than, a Court Order, informing me to pay, make arrangements to pay, or to go to jail.


Click here to return to: The David Bobiash Constitute.



Canadian corruption

Canadian corruption is all around us every day.  We see Canadian Tire pretending to be a good company.  I personally learned in business, that Canadian Tire is merely a relatively good investment option.  Silently: Canadian Tire in the corporate world is pretending to be working in a positive direction with Home Hardware LLC.  What I have discovered and it is my business opinion; is that Canadian Tire is using the siblings of its Canadian Tire Store Owners, to purchase Home Hardware Stores.  I have come across 6 such Home Hardware Stores myself, that are owned by sibling of Canadian Tire Store Owners.


It's just a matter of time before Canadian Tire will have controlling interest of the Home Hardware Franchise by owning the majority vote.  Again: that is my opinion.  I think that Home Hardware Head Office, doesn't really know the integrity of the company it's dealing with?


Is Canadian Tire a good company?  You decide.  One article states that they own the controlling interest of all sporting goods in Canada.  I believe it might be considered a monopoly by some?

So when they advertise the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program, and want you to donate, allegedly for the good of children: who is benefiting from this?


More to come soon on other Canadian injustices and corruption.



Print this: window BANNER.  Make it visible to everyone.  In your vehicles, your windows, your workplace, and your home, leave copies in restaurants, coffee shops, and everywhere.

Or you can print them out as business cards, and hand them out to everyone.  You can staple them, thumbtack them, leave them sitting somewhere.  Use them like real estate signs, or like Political Candidate signs.

Please do not put them on: PUBLIC  PROPERTY.  Because as the name implies; it is owned by the PUBLIC, which means the Public of Canada: it would be illegal, I believe.

Email your photos of your vehicle, home, lawn, or anywhere that you have placed BANNERS.  The person with the most banners could be given: $1,000.00.

Let's show Canada; that some Canadians still care.



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Here's a link to relevant facts not heard by the Courts.


Thank you for your time, Mr. Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau.


My Medical Biopsy Report.


RE: stated in the biopsy:

The lateral and deep lines of resection appear to be beyond the limits of the lesion.

Simple explanation In simple terms, means: that if you dug out a tree, that a large portion of the root system, still in beyond the dig cut of the hole.

In other words, when they cut out the cancer: they did not get it all.


Thank you, Mr. Premier of Ontario.


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Insert the photo albums here of selfies taken from around the world of readers with: on their devices.


Relevant facts not heard by the Courts.


Our Legal Separation Agreement, gave my ex-wife custody.  Children's Aid files, show that they: intervened when my son, was in Foster Care, and did the necessary Legal Government Paperwork, to remove my son from the custody, of my ex-wife legally, and into my custody.


The money that my ex-wife received, as Payment in Full, in lieu of: Any and all, future claims to support, be it spousal or child support, was by bank records, either withdrawn or transferred, into the bank account of: either my ex-wife's mother, Marion Carey/Tuttle, or Marion Tuttle, or Marion Carey, of: Bill Carey, who is my ex-wife's step father.  An influx of approximately, $26,000.00 or less, depending on what was spent, should be easily traceable.


Fact: Because the Court, broke Ontario Law, and proceeded using bullying tactics, to suspend my driver license, you will see that, in 2,000, I was charged, $2,000.00, and fined for, Driving without a License.  Because the: Superior Court of Ontario, Family Court, broke Ontario Law, that record is to be expunged: the record is to be removed from all records, and my name is to be cleared.


If the Court; had issued, a Summons me to Appear Order, at the date of: the initial action, which produced this Court Order: then the lawyers involved, would all be alive, the Legal and Binding Separation Agreement, was available through their offices, and My Life, would not have ended, 33 years ago.  Thus: my draft of: The David Bobiash Constitute.


Everyone who has read, my various posts, via various media, under either my real name, or my ghost writer name, knows that I'm a highly intellectual inventor, of great vision.  I developed literally thousands of products, systems, technologies, and an array of things for every walk of life.  From the conception of: The Automotive Safety Sensor Technology, to a possible cancer cure or prevention, to simple theory products, like: Woodsmans Fly & Squito Dope.  I've seen the corruption of both industry, and the corruption of government, and have been threatened by both, many times.

The relevance of this is: that I, developed just another technological system, that can, if implemented, greatly reduce, the burn time of wildfires, as well as greatly reduce, the annual square mileage, of wildfire burn acreages.


I also developed a: use of existing technology, that if implemented, could possibly either, weaken, or greatly reduce, or possibly destroy, a hurricane or tropical storm.  But: that too, will probably never come to be, as; communications to, and with, the powers that be, are often impossible, for a citizen.


Fact: I will not pay, nor make arrangements to pay, nor allow another to pay, on my behalf; any alleged debt.  My freedom was removed 33 years ago, by this Court Order.  Although I am 66 years of age, and can apply for my: Canada Pension, I did not apply.  I did not apply because: the Court, would have taken that money, as it still is breaking Ontario Law.  Not applying for my Canada Pension, empowers me, to prevent the Courts, from trying to sweep this crime, under the rug.  So to speak.


Question Answered:  To the readers, who wondered, why I would insist on, Diplomatic Immunity.

The reason that I insist on: Diplomatic Immunity, is because; in Canada, people in my position, who speak out, are often labeled, by governments and by society.  Labels such as: Activist, Terrorist, Whistle Blower, and many more labels.

It is because of those labels, and the stigma attached to those labels, and the enormous numbers, of people labeled as such, and the acts of others, against them: That I demand, not request: Diplomatic Immunity, so that never again, can any, Officer of the Court, nor the Courts themselves, ever continue, nor start again, to further destroy my life, and the lives of my family.  To many labeled people, have disappeared, or succumb to their death.  And as we have all been made aware of:  The Truth, and those knowing The Truth, are often found buried.  And because of the shear size of Canada, it is questionable, as to how many are buried.  Both literally, and metaphorically.